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Zool Engineering AB develops high quality digital products and services.

(E)quality, Transparency and Continuous improvement are our key values for building a sustainable, modern and open culture.


Do you want to be a part of the ZOOL spirit?

-Mattias Hedlund-


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"ZOOL are experienced in concept studies and projects. Speed, openness and broad expertise are key factors to our success!" 

-Jonas Ericsson-


Our beyond Devops philosophy 


The “Beyond philosophy” is our holistic and broad approach to DevOps!

The Zool Engineering philosophy consists of Way Of Working, methodology, values and delivery streams.

When helping our customers to achieve  sustainable DevOps cultures, we leave the bad habit of only focus on tooling. Its old fashion!  A sustainable culture leads to higher efficiency in deliveries throughout the complete lifecycle.


Our SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) and DevOps experts support our customers  to take the next step by hands-on coaching, webinars and workshops.

-Rogier Van der Vel-


Technology Porfolio 

proof of concept

Zool made an POC of a karaoke application for a mobile platform.

Android and iOS live demos. 

Real estate digitalization 

Zool is designing and implementing a real estate platform for a local customer.

we are providing FI-WARE expertise in Cloud hosting, interface to network and devices.  



Zool coached an IT department on their agile transformation journey. Workshops and hands on leadership

cloud migration

Zool developed a linear and non-scaling build process of a single software product...

Vehicle connectivity solution

Zool together with the customer designed and built vehicle connectivity solutions. 

software for distribution of fluids 

Zool developed a state of the art robust software product for industrial use. 


Agile Services  

Agile 1.0.png

Utilizing a broad industry experience and an agile mindset we guide the clients in their agile transition journey, coaching all parts of the organization implementing culture, roles and agile frameworks. 


We can also expand your agile organization filling roles such as Product Managers, Scrum Masters and DevOps Engineers.

-Fredrik Janson-


Cloud Solutions

Zool Engineering help you to transform your Data-center/infrastructure into public or private cloud that meet the most advanced B2B and B2C IT organization needs. This includes self-managed consoles, elastic scaling and PayAsUGo on agile VDC (Virtual data-center) and OpenStack solutions.

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